Cuffs and Ropes and Stocks, Oh My!

One of our truly international smorgasbord of carnal lovers wrote to request a collection of pics and GIFs of restrained women  – and not the uptight kind, the tied up kind…

Well, hell yes! Here are GIFs and images of all kinds of restraint: handcuffs, pillory stocks, ropes, bars, and more.

From a simple bit of rope binding wrists :

gif of blonde being fucked from behind with her wrists bound and hair gripped

To a quite complex system of bar, rope,ball gag, nipple clamps, thigh high lace up fetish boots, and floor mounted dildo; all with a lovely lavender color scheme:

woman wearing ball gag, tied with purple rope to a bar and wearing purple thigh high boots and with her boobs bound with purple rope and with a dildo inserted

Speaking of Ken Marcus, he shot some early Dita Von Teese bondage-fetish images including this “pillory stock in a dungeon flail about to hit her ass” one:

dita von teese in thong and restrained in a pillory stock fetish dungeon stting

Here’s another complex setup with gag, wrist and ankle chains over a block, and then below that a gallery,

gif of nude woman in high heels bent over a concrete block and restrained in chains and with a ball gag while a clothed man fucks her from behind

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5 thoughts on “Cuffs and Ropes and Stocks, Oh My!

  1. This is some collection!

  2. Bloodninja says:

    Have to try that, anyone got any guides on how to tie stuff? Never been a sailor or a boy scout