GIF Set of the Week – Surprise, Surprise

There are some activities in life where the results should come as no surprise.

This is one such.

But she is clearly surprised.

On the other hand, her follow-through is admirable,

gif of redhead on her knees using both hands to give a handjob with cumjust leaking out of the cock
gif of girl having surprised reaction at cumshot as she is giving a handjob
gif of girl giving handjob and pumping cumshot into her mouth
gif of handjob with girl pumping cock with both hands for facial cumshot

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3 thoughts on “GIF Set of the Week – Surprise, Surprise

  1. Damn, should’ve pretended I was a sassy girl, maybe would give the guys an incentive.

    Btw great website Ram!

  2. Its a shame no one comments here, that redhead is kinda cute, cant remember her name,but she’s getting old

    • Thanks for your comment – porn lovers are kinda shy – almost a million visits here and there’s probably under 400 comments in total for the whole site!