Girls with Guns

Almost a year ago I posted the GIF of the Week with a hot blonde coming out of her bathtub brandishing a pump action shotgun,

gif of hot blonde with big boobs in a bathtub reaching for a pump action shotgun

and a loyal reader from Texas (but of course!) asked for a big collection of more of the same. It took a while for those to float past yours truly in the carnal flow of the internet, but here it is: the collection of GIFs and pics of hotties brandishing their firepower, Girls with Guns: Continue reading →

GIF Set of the Week – Let Her Hair Down

“Baby I wanna let my hair down

Baby I wanna let my hair down

Baby I wanna let my hair down

Play me something that’ll make me jump around”

Nelly Furtado, Let My Hair Down

Ah, pop poetry at its finest – but lets add some visuals and see if that helps…


gif of Madison Ivy on her back being choked and fucked hard with her hair shaking

gif from different angle of Madison Ivy being choked and fucked hard


And here are a few more rough sex GIFs for a rough and tumble carnal weekend,

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