GIF Set of the Week – Mark It Off the Bucket List

I wonder who’s bucket list this adventure was on – hers or his?

All I can say is any man who can keep an erection going hard under these conditions is a true stud!

gif of woman rappelling down to have sex with a man
gif of man hanging by mountaineering rope licking a woman's pussy as she also hangs from her rope
gif of woman sucking a man's cock while they both hang from their rappelling ropes off a cliff thousands of feet high
gif of woman and man fucking cowgirl style while they both hand in midair from their rappelling ropes
gif of more fucking while hanging from rappelling ropes

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2 thoughts on “GIF Set of the Week – Mark It Off the Bucket List

  1. That is some bucket list. I’d like to see the rest on the list. 😉

    BTW, I notice that all my comments disappear after I post them. And I’m not getting email notification. I wonder if you’ll get this comment. :-/