Be The Moon Waxed or Waned – remix

a couple - a man cradling in his arms and carrying his woman

The Offering by Valery Bareta


His obsidian skin glitters, be the moon waxed or waned
Her burnished hair floats, be the breeze soft or strong

His arms, a cradle of steel, to shelter her or bind her
Her mouth, a vessel of heat, to inflame him or tame him

His lust

Her lust

Our love?
As light as a feather, as enduring as forever
be the moon waxed or waned, be the breeze soft or strong

A remix for today of the original from 2 years ago – for my Goddess Wife.

Sunday Funnies – January 19

Here are a few new items to tickle your funny bone. So grab your morning coffee and scroll,

In celebration of the start of the Olympics, here is a game that would appeal to Prez Putin:

nsfw adult humor gif of man using his cock as a ping pong paddle


I saw HBO starting to promo the upcoming season of Game of Thrones, which reminded me of this item which I have been saving as a gift for Cersi Lanister,

image of an elegant upholstered chair with a gold cock dildo mounted on the seat


And this weekend we had the two games deciding who will compete in the Super Bowl. I was thinking how stressful it is for the quarterbacks in these high pressure games and how there MUST be stress relief and relaxation aid on the sidelines that they only show us by accident on TV,

gif of adult humor, nsfw humor of football player on the sidelines apparently getting a handjob from a team girl

They take their football seriously at LSU…


Last, here a couple of cats, a lazy cat who likes to watch, and a captain of industry cat having his morning coffee,

funny gif of girl practing her pole dancing and having to drag a lazy cat out of the wayfunny gif of cat dressed as executive having his morning coffee and thinking about buying a boat