Happy New Year – Happy Faces…Sex Faces

Every time someone says “Happy New Year!” during this holiday season, I think of happy smiling faces…and when I think of happy, smiling faces, it seems joyful…and the absotootly best joyful happy amazed faces are sex faces, n’est pas?

So here are some more GIFs from the cupboard of sex faces, o faces, ecstasy faces to bring some joy to us all,

gif of girl making a face of amazement as she is fucked from behind by a black man
gif of girl making an open mouthed sex face while gripping the sheets and pushing back against a man fucking her from behind

gif of Holly Michaels making a sex face with eyes rolling back in her head

gif of one girl making a sex face of pleasure as a second girl licks her pussy

gif of Sasha Grey masturbating with a dildo and and making an o face of orgasmic ecstasy

gif of girl making sex faces of ecstasy while being fucked hard on her back with her wrists held down

gif of brunette masturbating with her mouth open in an o face and her eyes rolling back in head

And of course there’s much more up on the archive page for Sex Face GIFs – check that out.

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