Anal Sex GIFs for an XXXmas

There may be a trend starting here – a loyal member (!) from Brazil, where the love of ass is undeniable, after seeing that the German requester got his orgy pics and GIFs, wrote to ask for a holiday collection of ass and anal sex pics and GIFs and some with butt plugs.

Ask and ye shall receive! The cupboard just happens to have a bunch of those goodies waiting for release.

So lets ease into it, so to speak, with that delicious moment of entry,

gif of Asa Akira having a big cock pushed into her ass with her knees up on her shoulders

gif of anal sex entry into tight anus

hot gif of big cock pushing into tight ass

second gif of fat cock pushing into Anjelica Ebbis ass from different angle

gif of fat cock just starting to push into Anjelica Ebbis anus for anal sex

Ummmm, ummm.

I’m putting all these up individually this time rather than in a gallery – let me know which style you prefer.

Next, a group of pics of beautiful asses with butt plugs for decoration,

girl on her belly handcuffed to a headboard showing a jeweled buttplug in her ass

horsetail buttplug in an asshole with a shaved pussy

display of jeweled buttplug in womans ass as she pulls down her leggings

ass up woman with jeweled buttplug inserted in her ass

woman fucking in cowgirl position showing she has a blue jeweled buttplug in her ass

Next a group of pics of the star, the rosebud, and that delightfully erotic moment when she spreads her cheeks, offering the ass for fucking,

girl pulling her ass cheek up to show her anal star and shaved pussy

redhead wearing only stockings on her back with her hips in the air presenting her anus for fucking

girl pulling her ass cheek to the side to show beautiful sunlight on her anal rosebud

tanned girl laying by the pool on her belly with water droplets and her legs spread showing her pussy and anal rosebud

image of beautiful girls ass and presented anus as she is on her knees girl in boots and lingerie kneeling and spreading her cheeks to show her anus

French girl in red beret and red stockings with her legs in the air showing her pussy and anus

girl by the pool lifting her hips in the air to present her ass and anal star

And finally, some more gifs of the ass fucking, ass stim and ATM,

gif of girl on her knees rubbing her clit while a man fucks her ass

gif of man stimulating womans asshole with his thumb while he fucks her doggy style

gif of tranny shemale being assfucked hard
gif of Asa Akira in flourescent orange lingerie being hard assfucked by a black man

gif of girl sucking a cock after its pulled out of another girls ass for ass to mouth sex



gif of threesome with female sucking one cock while a second male fucks her ass

And if you want YET MORE, there are the archive pages up on the menu tab for the gifs and stills collected in Anal Sex Gifs and Anal Sex and Rosebuds.

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  1. Always a treat!