Happy New Year – Happy Faces…Sex Faces

Every time someone says “Happy New Year!” during this holiday season, I think of happy smiling faces…and when I think of happy, smiling faces, it seems joyful…and the absotootly best joyful happy amazed faces are sex faces, n’est pas?

So here are some more GIFs from the cupboard of sex faces, o faces, ecstasy faces to bring some joy to us all,

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Anal Sex GIFs for an XXXmas

There may be a trend starting here – a loyal member (!) from Brazil, where the love of ass is undeniable, after seeing that the German requester got his orgy pics and GIFs, wrote to ask for a holiday collection of ass and anal sex pics and GIFs and some with butt plugs.

Ask and ye shall receive! The cupboard just happens to have a bunch of those goodies waiting for release.

So lets ease into it, so to speak, with that delicious moment of entry,

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Nuts – Good for Your Health

What’s better than combining health and sex?

Nada baby!

So here are some great points I ran across re the remarkable health benefits of eating some nuts every day, plus some of your ‘ol Ram’s visuals focused on nuts – porn nuts of course. Close attention to both kinds of nuts is sure to make you live to 100! I promise!

Eat Nuts Every Day

People who eat a handful of nuts daily are 20 percent less likely to die than those who skip the snack, reports a new study from the Harvard School of Public Health. In addition to lower instances of death, researchers found that people who consumed seven or more handful servings a week saw a 25 percent reduction in cardiovascular disease deaths and an 11 percent reduction in death from cancers.

So eat your nuts, and USE your nuts.

gif of interracial anal sex with black balls slapping white pussy as they fuck

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GIF of the Week – Synchronized Shooting

There’s a new Olympic sport under consideration for the 2016 Summer Games.

Its reminiscent of Synchronized Swimming.

However, the teams have fewer members and the practices are very popular for the public to watch.

Its called Synchronized Shooting.

The Swedish team has ROPEX®  for its corporate sponsor, natch.


gif of wman laying in her back while three men jack off for synchronized cumshots onto her

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