Fall – The Season For Boots

The internet is awash with breathless fall/boot-time commentary such as this:

For many women, putting on a good pair of boots is the No. 1 reason to look forward to the transition from summer to fall. We count ourselves among them, and in honor of the increasing nip in the air, decided to profess our love by calling out the different types of boots that make up the most integral part of any woman’s fall wardrobe.


Naturally I can’t resist contributing a carnal take on the “let’s get boots on” campaign.

And boots we got here in RamLand – as long as hotness ensues, and comfort be damned! (I know, I know – easy for me to say…)

gif of pretty blonde weqring thigh high black boots laying on her back and being fucked steadily by a big black cock

Dita Von Teese laying on her back on a white carpet with her legs in the air wearing only black thigh high boots showing her boobs, pussy and anus

GIF Set of the Week – Exercise-Ball Workout

She was determined that when the tour started, she was going to be in killer shape.

Her personal trainer, Jean-Paul “Your abs will hate me” Belmundo persuaded her in their most recent text exchange to try a full-on exercise-ball, or stability ball, routine.

He said it was guaranteed to hammer the core, smash the abs, and build hip and spine flexibility.

So, she had him bring it over to the house.

gif of hot couple using excersie-ball for sex and cunnilingus
gif of hot couple fucking on an exercise-ball
gif of nude woman bent backwards over an exercise-ball with a man fucking her mouth and fingering her pussy