Sunday Funnies – August 4

Another summer Sunday – time for some adult funnies.

gif of lady reporter in a men's locker rrom watching naked men walk by

Working at ESPN was finally paying off

Play that funky music white boy

he was a white boy

This next item comes to us from Tracy Clark-Flory, a staff writer at Salon:

Indifferent Cats in Amateur Porn

kitty is indifferent to your rope bondage

kitty is indifferent to your rope bondage

“Tell me this isn’t genius: a blog entirely devoted to photos and videos from amateur porn in which a pet cat steals the show from the fornicating stars. Taking a sexy selfie? Masturbating on webcam? Performing fellatio? Cats just don’t care. The site is filled with captions along the lines of, “Kitty is indifferent to your nice blue strap-on.” It might not be the best masturbation material — although, to each their own — but this blog takes a refreshingly absurdist look at sex and porn. That’s why it’s my personal recommendation.”


And next, here is the same wetsuit, for sale week after week after week after week,

funny craigslist ad

oh, and speakin of Craigslist,

funny ad for ironing board

ah, the kids these days…


xxx humor gif of girl talking while guy slaps his huge dick in his palm

…some people tap their feet…

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