GIF of the Week – Good Morning

“My alarm never wakes me up,” she complained yesterday.

“And you slip off to work and I end up sleeping in too long.”

“So just wake me up before you head out the door, ok?”

“Sure,” I replied, a carnal plan immediately springing into my dirty mind.

I think the jarring ring of most alarms is the worst thing to wake up to,

so I devised a gentler approach, and this morning, said:

“Good morning, honey”


gif of man pumping cumshot onto sleeping girl's cheek


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Carnal Cowboys and Cowgirls

Traveling in the hinterland of the Nevada high desert recently, my thoughts naturally turned to carnal cowboys and cowgirls – Wild West porn.

‘Course just like making Nun Porn (throw a habit on a hot babe and you got Nun Porn, as we looked at in this post), for Cowboy / Cowgirl Porn, you throw on some boots, a cowboy hat or some chaps, or put some hay bales in there somewhere, et voila! Not truly authentic but eh… that’s o.k., the theme is still fun.

gif of porn actress Melissa Matthews being fucked from behind on a Navajo rug by some hay bales
She’s gonna have some Navajo rug burn after that – those are not smooth.

MMF threesome wtih a cowgirl in denim chaps sucking the big cock of a recling cowboy while she is fucked from behind by a second cowboy
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Bot Attack

I have been laying low for several days here. The site began suffering a distributed bot network attack in the middle of the week.

My site hosting service, Hostgator, immediately undertook protective measures to block the attack, but the extent of those protections made it even difficult for me to do much in the backend of the site: thus no posts.

The attack is now over and the Borg and its bots have moved on to another target.

Thanks for your patience and the regular irregular posts will now resume!


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