Stoya Sex

There’s something about Stoya that all you perverts love, love, love. Search phrases containing Stoya and all kinds of sex acts are way up there on the hit parade.

So, to make it easier, I’ve collected here in one place almost all of my Stoya goodies.

sex gif of porn star Stoya wearing black stockings bent over a bed being fucked in the rear entry position


In addition to the below gallery of gifs and a couple images, there’s a hot video clip in this post with Stoya and James Deen having delicious anal sex.


Stoya has been called the “thinking man’s porn star,” perhaps in part because she  writes for the Guardian and Vice, where she writes a regular column about “the pitfalls of heteronormativity” and the “metaphysics of cocksucking.” She writes articulately and characterizes herself (stage tagline) as “Incendiary. Quixotic. Sassy.” Here is her Tumblr blog.

And if any of you carnal loving women out there are thinking of going into porn for reals, here is her piece on, So You Want to Perform in Porn.

She was born in Wilmington, North Carolina to a Serbian father and a Scottish mother.  Her nickname/stage name, Stoya, is a shortening of her real name,  Jessica Stojadinović. As a child, she wanted to become a dancer, and she started attending dance lessons at the age of three. She was home-schooled and got her high-school diploma before the age of sixteen.

The Village Voice (she lives in Brooklyn now) recently ran a cover story on her entitled: Stoya, Pop Star of Porn – America’s sweetheart of smut.

If all that just makes you want to see more,here is a 25 shot cumshot compilation of Stoya lovin the loads,


Want more? Here are the ten top rated of all time video clips on PornHub featuring Stoya (as usual watch for tube site pop ups and unders – all these below link out to the PornHub site):


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