GIF of the Week – Driver’s Ed

I had to practice driving and keep a log to get my license.

Finding a licensed driver to go with me to certify it was a problem at first.

Then Aunt Stacie offered to give me the lessons and sign my log.

I liked the reward at the end of the sessions the best.

She’s the best.

gif of woman giving a handjob to a guy in the driver's seat of a car

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In Celebration of MILF Day

Yes, its Mother’s Day here in the U.S. of A.; one of our most treasured commercially concocted Hallmark days.

tee shirt for Mother's Day

So naturally we carnalists immediately think that it is much more fun as MILF Day. And MILF Day naturally turns our thoughts to porn…and the renaissance man Fred Lapides gives us the 10 most interesting facts about women’s porn habits: Continue reading →

What’s Your Porn Flavor?

I mentioned in the post on the top worldwide porn searches that we might go back and look at some interesting regional porn search term rankings in the USA. PornHub made the graphic embeddable so here it is although I cannot get it to quite fit the blog space for some reason, and below the graphic are some of the regional groupings that struck me:

So, the first thing that popped out to me is…. the #1 top ranked porn search term in Alabama, Mississippi, Georgia, Louisiana, South Carolina, North Carolina, and Arkansas: Ebony. Yet that term doesn’t even appear in the top ten of any other states except Texas and Maryland. Draw your own conclusions…

The desert southwest apparently likes ’em young – Teen is the #1 ranked search term for Texas, New Mexico, Arizona, and Nevada. And the same for the Mountain West: Idaho, Utah, Colorado, Montana (#2), and Wyoming. Continue reading →

GIF of the Week – Pool Shark

Frankie is our local pool shark.

We’ve all learned to steer way clear of playing Frankie.

But when those frat boys come down for spring break…

When they think they want to show off for the girls…

We just get more beers, sit back, and wait.

When you lose to Frankie, you are fucked.


gif of gay sex with man fucking a man bent over a pool table

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