Makin’ Faces…Sex Faces

One of the things GIFs do beautifully is capture that brief, fleeting moment of ecstasy or orgasm – the so-called “o face” or “sex face”. And loop it endlessly! It’s been a while since we looked at a few of these, so here is a new small collection.

gif of woman making an o face while man strokes his cock over her clit

gif of woman in black lingerie on her back getting fucked in the ass and making an o face

gif of woman making an orgasm face while a man licks her pussy

gif of girl being fucked from behind and rolling her eyes back in her head with a sex face

gif of woman getting cunnilingus and arching her back making an o face

gif of girl making an orgasm face

gif of pussy licking and girl reacting with her eyes rolling back

gif of girl making o face while being fucked on her back

If you want more, the page in the Gallery tab has a collection of over 60 of ’em.

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