You Touch Yourself

We’re fascinated when we watch you close your eyes, your hands drifting down to your pussies.

We are endlessly intrigued by female fantasies. What goes on behind those closed eyes? Where, and with whom, and doing what, brings you to that quaking orgasm?

gif of beautiful girl laying on a couch masturbating with great oface of orgasm

gif of woman on her back nude rubbing her breasts and masturbating

gif of woman wearing high heels and a thong rubbing her pussy lips

And if you like the auditory accompaniment (and who wouldn’t?) here is a cute spokes of the wheel girl group circle jerk, (6:51)


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GIF of the Week – Storytime

Sometimes she puts on the eye mask late at night

That’s when I know it’s Storytime

gif of man fingering pussy and sucking nipple of reclining woman wearing an eye mask

I nibble her nipple

Get the magic fingers working

And then whisper in her ear the naughtiest dirtiest stories

I Search, You Search, We All Search – For Porn

Ya ever wonder what porn fascinates other people? PornMD, which is actually a porn search site that is part of the Porn Hub “family”, built and released an interactive infographic that shows us the top 10 porn search terms for various countries and, in the U.S., the different states. I can’t embed it, so here is a screenshot. There’s lots of fun we can have with this:

Global Internet Porn Habits Infographic - PornMd Sex Search - Intro

I gotta say we are disappointingly vanilla here in the U.S. and Canada, here are our top ten lists.

US Top Ten Canada Top Ten

But check out Mexico and the apparent national fascination with themselves and gay porn – who knew? Continue reading →