The Real Reason The Pope Resigned

The real reason for the resignation of Pope Benedict XVI has been the subject of much speculation and debate in the news and on the internet. Your intrepid carnal reporter has gotten to the bottom of this and discovered that its almost as juicy as a Scott Brown novel. You see this is a very rare situation: the last pope before Benedict XVI to resign was Pope Gregory XII in 1415.

Yes, I know you’re being to suspect it…….the Pope was caught on multiple occasions reveling, as much as one can at 85, in nun porn. It shouldn’t be a surprise as he is an Aries (birthday April 16) and certainly will be a randy ol’ goat ’til the end.

Here are some of the files found on his laptop:

gif of nun porn 3 way with one nun sucking cock while a second nun licks her pussy

gif of nun porn with man watching while nun in habit sucks his huge cock

graphic illustration of Satan buttfucking a nun in a convent

Credit: “The Convent of Hell” illustrated by Ignacio Noe and written by Ricardo Barreiro

and rumor has it that he listens to a bit of heavenly music,

while looking at earthly porn like this little treasure trove of nun porn images found on the papal library computer in a pope-only password protected folder,

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