Rough Sex with Kayden Kross and James Deen

As Kayden Kross moves along in her career, she reveals she likes her sex rough:

I like it rough Ok. When I give a three word answer on what I like it never seems to be enough. Here it is: I’m finding that I like my sex served rough. I like to be called a bitch and smacked and thrown down with torn clothes. I like men at my throat. I like their palms and mouths there. Yesterday I had a chain at my throat and before that a sword that needed a harder edge. They call it a live edge. It wakes you up.Kayden Kross tied up and gagged with silk ropes and a silk scarf

I like strength and the feeling of being brought underneath the power of something absolutely male. I like men who can make me feel absolutely female.

from Kayden’s blog.

It’s surprisingly hard to find clips of her indulging in what she likes. But your carnal collector is not easily deterred, so here’s a 1:54 clip of James Deen rough fucking Kayden, from Bad Girls 8, with Kayden having Deen-induced rough sex orgasms (great audio), including a throttling orgasm toward the end of the clip,

and here’s a gif of those cute kids fuckin’ rough from that same clip,

gif of Kayden Kross having her hair pulled and being rough fucked by James Deen

and here is a 21 minute clip with Kayden and Manuel Ferrara with some mild choking (watch out for pop-unders if you open it to the full site),

and a pic, and few more gifs of Kayden in mild rough stuff,

gif of James Deen choking Kayden Kross while fucking her from behind on her knees

gif of Kayden Kross being fucked from behind on a desktop

gif of James Deen pinning Kayden Kross's arms behind her back and fucking her standing up from behind

and, one of my favorites, ending with bliss,

Kayden Kross being fucked from behind on her knees and making a blissful sex face  gif

Kayden does not, however, seem to evince quite the same joie de vivre in the filmed rough sex as, say, Puma Swede shows us in the vids in this post.

For lots and lots of gif of rough sex, over 130, check out the Rough Sex Gallery page.

James Deen probably deserves his own post on how he became the thoughtful rough sex go-to guy; its kind of remarkable for a skinny kid from Pasadena.

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