Honey…..I’m Home!

I’m almost always the last one home.

My favorite thing, since she first thought it up about a year ago, is what I find when she responds with, “Come in the kitchen!”

She’s bent over the kitchen counter with her skirt flipped up or pants pulled down, offering her ass for a great fucking. She’s also been warming herself up. I can see the glistening of lube around the puckered star.

So I unzip my suit trousers, take my cock out, and take the offering.

gif of man in suit having clothed anal sex with a woman bent over the kitchen counter

There is nothing in the wide world like ass fucking her. Her anus is so tight, so yielding, so velvety.

And the best part is she loves it too. Having her rub her clit and cum while I am stroking into that sheath of heaven sets me off into a frenzied explosion.

Now I’m home.



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2 thoughts on “Honey…..I’m Home!

  1. Home is where the heart is, but it helps to have a tight little ass there as well.

    • i’ll take the ass over the hearth any day, but both is best…reminds me of an old Hugh Hefner pic with a bear rug, a fireplace, and a bunny…