A Toast To Passion

We toasted to passion last night – a watchword for 2013, we decided.

Here are visual musings on passion.

Passion can be eternal,

two skeletons of a couple entombed clasping each other

Passion can be momentary,

gif of blonde with passionate ecstasy face while being fucked from behind on her knees

Passion can be steadfast,

male and female lions nuzzling in the snow

Passion can be fresh,

man kneeling in a snow street scene to propose to a delighted woman

Passion can be fierce,

gif of manhandling during kitchen counter fucking

Passion can be gentle,

gif of one girl laying on another and having her pussy being fingered and rubbed with a sex face

Passion can be sudden,

clothed impulse sex on furniture

Passion can be slow,

man kissing a woman and fingering her pussy while she lies back and enjoys

May you all have passion in 2013 and everafter,

couple clasping hands as they fuck passionately


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2 thoughts on “A Toast To Passion

  1. Lovely! Happy holiday season Ram!