More Movie Star Boob Gifs – Madonna, Lohan and Berkley

You carnal readers and watchers out there are great! After the posting of the “Gallery of Gifs – Movie Star Boobs” a couple of days ago, astute carnalogists promptly sent me these additional gifs of: Madonna masturbating topless, from the monster hit movie Body of Evidence (full clip embedded in this earlier post), Lindsay Lohan wandering around blonde and nude, and having sex with a nice o face, and then Gina Gershon pulling down Elizabeth Berkleys top, from the movie Striptease. We’re stretching the definition of “movie star” a bit to allow Madonna and Lindsay into the club, but, eh….


gif of Madonna masturbating and showing her bare boobs to Willem Dafoe from the movie Body of Evidence


For some reason this Lohan one doesn’t move unless you click on it…

gif of Lindsay Lohan walking topless and nude from the movie Machete


gif of Lindsay Lohan having sex and making an o face

If you have a good one of Gershon herself, pass it on,

gif of Gina Gershon pulling down Eliabeth Berkley's top to bare her breasts from the movie Striptease

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