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Now that you are of age, my daughter, I tell you the story of how we came to be the Horse Witches. Our clan began when the first witch came to care for the greatest war horse that ever lived: Bucephalus, the chosen charger of King Alexander the Great. These are her words and now they are yours:

Bucephalus would allow only me, aside from the King, to touch him. We three learned we were all born on the same hour of the same day and year. That is how Alexander and Bucephalus knew each other on sight; and how they knew me and I them when they pillaged my village in the Kandahar.

I went with them without question, as it was meant to be, and I cared for Bucephalus from then until the day he died in the campaign to conquer India , on the bank of the Jhelum River gloriously impaled on the tusk of the mighty lead war elephant of King Porus.

After every battle, Bucephalus would permit only me to tend to him. At the river, I bathed the salt crusted sweat of his war fury from his hide. I washed from his hooves the blood and bits of bone from hundreds of screaming Persian soldiers. I cleaned and sharpened the tiny bronze blades woven into each front fetlock, that he could cut and flay what he did not crush.

Of course, there were no mares in Alexander’s army. And as the stallion permitted  only me to touch him, it fell to me to service all his needs. He would stand stock still. I would kneel where no other dared. I soothed Bucephalus as befitted the greatest war horse the world has known.
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Your challenge for today was to use the picture above, and to write a flash fiction piece of 289 words or less, excluding the title. Additionally, I provided this key word to be used somewhere in the story: “…fetlock….”

My real story was more than double the required word count and I like it much better better than the constrained version above. So, I put the full version up under the Portfolio top Menu tab, and just got out the knife for the truncated version above. Might make it into a series…

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3 thoughts on “The Horse Witch – FFF

  1. TemptingSweets99 says:

    Awesome story, even in its condensed version.

  2. I surprisingly really enjoyed this, and I’d be interested in reading more in a series, I think.

  3. Nice compact version of the longer story. Interesting concept; if this is to be an ongoing series, I say have at it.