Sunday Funnies Sept 2

Been awhile since my last edition of Sunday Funnies, so here’s some laughs to leaven your Labor Day weekend.

cat with funny expression while girl takes self shot of huge rack in the mirror

Girlfriend…kitty…needs…to…knead…now!! MEEEOWWW!

In fond remembrance of the Summer Olympics,


Best Photoshop’ed find of the month,

satire image of Beyonce with a big cock holding a microphone

Talk to the….no,wait…whut!


a dressing gown, a maid outfit, and a fetish strap and buckle rig

The progression of reinvention and re-invigoration after the kids are grown and gone


And last, for this time, a compilation of summertime funny clips, oopsies and fails,

One thought on “Sunday Funnies Sept 2

  1. Love the photoshopped one. hahah!