Flash Fiction September Serial Sex Challenge

We seem to have sufficient interest from our customary carnal creators to take a run at a chain flash fiction erotic story.

It’s a bit complex to organize, so here’s what we’ll try for the method this first time; if this doesn’t work smoothly, we’ll try something else. First, this is the order of writers which I have chosen kind of at random but also with a slight eye toward their styles and how I think pieces from each might fit together interestingly into a larger story.

1) Lusting Lola; 2) Jack and Jill; 3)Advizor54; 4)Wordwytch; 5)Tempting Sweets; 6)Ram. If anyone else wants to write or any of these listed don’t, hit me with a comment and I’ll edit the list, but only in the first several days, and only before the first link in the chain is up.

Please produce your piece of flash within 3 days after your turn comes up – otherwise this would drag out way too long. And if you finish your piece sooner, great. When you finish your contribution, come put your link in the Linky as a signal to the next person and anyone who wants to read your piece. (I’ll edit this post on Saturday to add in the Linky Widget.) Its then the next author’s job to go copy what’s been created so far, paste that into a post and add his/her contribution, then enter a link in the Linky etc etc.

Everyone has to check back frequently enough to keep this rolling to the mighty conclusion. We all have to waive copyright claims to make this work, of course, or I suppose we could make the final product subject to a joint claim. Once the full story is complete, everyone who cares to can of course pop it into their sites with commentary or not.

Whew! So to the challenge itself. We are using this image:

man in cowboy boots sitting stroking cock with woman in lingerie crawling toward him

Each writer please produce a piece for the story of 49 words or less. There is no required word or phrase, but, the better you make your piece flow, at least from your start picking up from the preceding piece, the better.

Let’s go have fun! Lola, take it away!

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8 thoughts on “Flash Fiction September Serial Sex Challenge

  1. I enjyed these but I came to read Ram’s story, whete is it?

    • It is up now. And I presume you’re volunteering to be part of the writing team for the next one?
      We haven’t seen you writing dirty stories lately…. 🙂

  2. Okay! all done. 🙂

  3. I’m waiting on Advizor….

  4. Sorry. I just saw this, and I’m first up. Oops! I’ll think about this picture all day and try to post something tonight after work. This is gonna be fun. 🙂

  5. I’m in, it sounds fun!

  6. Ok flasher writers and readers – the erotic fiction chain challenge is up.