Flash Fiction Friday Challenge for 09-14-2012

Here’s the challenge for this coming Friday, September 14.

I’m hosting again this week for another erotic writing fest for Flash Fiction Friday (FAQs on FFF HERE), and I thought we’d try something different with the image for this week. If you’ve looked around my site, you know I love the little animated gifs that are unique internet animals. So let’s use one this week:

gif of man fucking woman on her knees and pulling her hair while a second woman watches masturbating

 Now I know, because I used to be on Blogger – before getting kicked off (word to the wise there my carnal friends) – that those of you writers on Blogger can’t use in your posts gifs uploaded directly through or in Blogger. So I have set this one gif up on a site with a hot-linking permission, and here’s the simple way to use it.

Select and copy this code below, exactly with no extra spaces:

<a href=”http://imgur.com/We921″><img src=”http://i.imgur.com/We921.gif” title=”Rough Sex – with watcher gif” alt=”gif of the doers and the watcher” /></a>

Then go your HTML editor tab for your post, and paste the code there. Do not paste it in on your Visual editor tab or it will not work to deliver the picture. You should be able to see the pic moving even in your post edit mode without going to preview.

For the Flash Fiction Friday challenge for September 14, please use the image above. The required word count is 241-249, excluding the title. The required word to use for this week is “...forever….”

As is our custom, nobody’s checking word counts, or the required word/phrase, but its great fun to see how the different writers respond to the constraints in their creations.

Either my story plus the hosting widget, or just the hosting post will go up by 1:00 AM Pacific time on Friday morning, September 14. Either way that post will include the usual Linky Widget in which all the authors can post links to their entries. Everyone is welcome!

If you are participating this week (and the more the merrier — tell all your friends), simply stop by any time after that and leave your link in that widget in the body at the bottom of the post. Then everybody will know you’re playing along and they’ll come read your erotic words, and often leave nice comments and constructive thoughts on your entry.

Here’s a button for you if you want to include that in your post. Use it to link back here, if you like. Please do provide a link back to any of: the challenge post, or to my main blog page, or to the Friday hosting post. We want everybody to enjoy this, after all, and be able to find the other players and read all the writings.

button for meme of Flash Fiction Friday

Come one come all back here on Friday for the works of all the erotic wordsmiths with a moving picture.

One thought on “Flash Fiction Friday Challenge for 09-14-2012

  1. I’m working on my FFF for tomorrow. The coding you provided doesn’t seem to work. 🙁 I just copied the image URL, and it Blogger seems to be handling it just fine. Hope it continues.