The Carnal Shepherd – Wanton Wedding FFF

Soundtrack, David Daniels,  Intorno All’idol Mio:

woman in wedding dress on her back with another nude woman between her legs and under her dress

Even more delightful for the Carnal Shepherd than the Cock Communions were the Wanton Weddings. The brides-to-be and their maids were ever eager to enjoy his ministrations.

Today, the view from the upper cloister walkway around the Chapter-house on the south side of his cathedral was particularly enticing. The bride-to-be on her back, arched in ecstasy; the naked maid on her knees under the bride’s dress, her heart-shaped ass thrust high in the air.

He slipped down the stairs, his turgid cock swelling more with each step. Moving silently into place between the maid’s braced legs, he pulled his cassock aside, firmly gripped her hips, and slid into her slick sex with one sure thrust.

Pausing to gauge their reactions, he watched the bride’s eyes open wide and then roll back in her head. The maid hesitated only briefly and then adapted her motion to rock forward, pleasuring the bride’s pussy, and back, lifting her ass higher in the air to induce his thrusts.

“A belated good morning ladies,” he murmured, burying himself to the hilt in the garden of Eden. “Now we’ll practice those vows.”

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Your challenge for today was to use the picture above, and to write a flash fiction piece of 187 words or less, excluding the title. Additionally, I provided this key phrase to be used somewhere in the story:


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5 thoughts on “The Carnal Shepherd – Wanton Wedding FFF

  1. It is good to practice one’s vows. 🙂 Carnal Shephard, Cock Communion and now Wanton Weddings? I love it!

  2. Ram, the perfect mix of heavenly music, sex and the shepherd of the Heavenly Father. LOL! There are days you just crack me up! Love the story and the music.

    • Hey thanks WW! That music is something else, isn’t it? I think there are more Carnal Shepherd stories awaiting…

  3. A sexy story, and an excellent callback to your earlier FFF effort! Well done. And the soundtrack certainly fits.