Sunday Funnies – Memorial Day Edition

Another edition of Sunday morning funnies, a day late for the Memorial Day weekend.

You thought you knew all the characters in The Avengers?

But no,


parody of Scarlett Johansson as a huge breasted super heroine in The Avengers

Here is an exclusive look at Scarlett Johansson in the deleted scene and character from the blockbuster movie “The Avengers”. Scarlett was originally slated to play the role of the “Black Widow”, but producers soon realized that the Black Widow character was “stupid”. So Scarlett Johansson was then to play a newly imagined superheroine called “Chesty McTits”. As you can see Chesty possess the superpower of distraction, and her righteous tits of justice are a force to be reckoned with. The rest of “The Avengers” are no longer needed, as evil has met its match in Scarlett Johansson as Chesty McTits. They outvoted her, so now she’s out of the movie, roaming the universe, stopping intergalacatic spacecraft in their tracks. Then they put the Black Widow back in. So now you know the real story.



two hunters gloating over a dead black bear while a live one approaches from the rear

Don’ t look over your shoulder, bro – payback is padding softly toward you…



european road sign of man behind sheep

…at least not in the middle of the road, mein herr…


baby in a tee shirt that says all daddy wanted was a blowjob

A Father’s Day preview…


Now be safe out there,

backyard grill exploding and burning

No one saved the buns, the scaredy-cats

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