Sunday Funnies – April 22

How about another installment of Sunday Funnies?

Is this the best lip synch ever? (This takes a minute to load and it – apologies – autoplays when it does load, so hit your mute to start with)…



Best obituary ever?

onbituary of a man who enjoyed



pretty girl with cock buried in her throat and quizzical look on her face

Ok – so what do I do now?



rabbits appearing to fuck each other threesome style while a fourth one watches

And you thought we invented the threesome? And being a voyeur?


woman about to groom or examine a huge furry dog

I hope she gets big tips for those prostate exams


Last, for this time, and continuing with our presenting commercials with an adult theme, here is:

Liquid-Plumr presents the two sexiest plumbers ever. Introducing new Liquid-Plumr Double Impact Snake + Gel System.


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