Gallery of Gifs – Boob Hypnosis

It’s a well known scientific fact that males are easily hypnotized by the sight of swaying, jiggling, swinging, bouncing boobs, tits, breasts, and racks. So if you boys go into a trance after looking at this post, don’t blame me – it’s your genetic code.

This is a collection of gifs, continuing in our occasional series “Gallery of Gifs”, of boobs on the move:

First, we finally have documented proof of what you ladies are up to when you go the restroom together,


animated gif of four girls standing in front of a mirror swinging shaking and jiggling their boobs

We just KNEW that’s what you’re really doing in there!!!

Actually we should first set the stage by what is affectionately known as: Release The Kracken!


gif of unzipping a top to release a big pair of boobs with great cleavage gif of girl releasing and displaying her ass and big boobs from her clothing


Here’s some more releasing with delightful bouncing action,

color gif of beautiful boobs bouncing after tee shirt is pulled off gif of big tits bouncing after tee shirt is pulled off over the boobs


A couple of side to side swingers,

color gif of girl in red bikini bathing suit shaking and swinging her big beautiful tits boobs gif of woman outdoors in the sun swinging her big bare breast tits side to side


And, of course, we MUST watch the lovely swaying of breasts in motion during rhythmic fucking,

gif of woman being fucked and her boobs swaying and shaking as she is slammed hard gif of woman fucking in reverse cowgirl position and her tits moving in rhythm
color gif of brunette being fucked on her back with her big boobs swinging in rhythm to the fucking color gif of tits in black lace bra swinging while woman is being fucked on her knees



gif of girl fucking in cowgirl position and her big boobs bouncing up and down


But we do have to put the girls away, for now,

gif of woman tightening a laceup front bustier corset and squashing her boobs together tor cleavage

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2 thoughts on “Gallery of Gifs – Boob Hypnosis

  1. Very mesmerizing, indeed! Thanks for sharing these. There are definitely some very HOT gifs in here.