Flash Fiction Friday Challenge for 05-04-2012

Keyboards lubed and ready? Let’s do another FFF challenge.

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For the Flash Fiction Friday challenge for May 4, please use the image above. The required word count is 171-175, excluding the title. It would appear that my efforts to introduce some twists and turns are driving down participation, so we’ll go back to a regular required word or phrase: this week you must use “...payment…”

As is our custom, nobody’s checking word counts, or the required word/phrase, but its great fun to see how the different writers respond to the constraints in their creations.

My FFF will go up by 1:00 AM Pacific time on Friday morning, May 4. That post will include the usual Linky Widget in which all the authors can post links to their entries. Everyone is welcome!

If you are participating this week (and the more the merrier — tell all your friends), simply stop by any time after that and leave your link in that widget in the body at the bottom of the post. Then everybody will know you’re playing along and they’ll come read your erotic words, and often leave nice comments and constructive thoughts on your entry.

Here’s a button for you if you want to include that in your post. Use it to link back here, if you like. Please do provide a link back to either the challenge post, or to my main blog page. We want everybody to enjoy this, after all, and be able to find the other players and read all the writings.

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So, check back here on Friday for all the flashers.

6 thoughts on “Flash Fiction Friday Challenge for 05-04-2012

  1. I have no problem with the variations on the required phrase! Looking forward to reading everyone’s stories!


  2. I agree with TS. I think it was just a weird timeframe for everyone. I liked your twists and turns.

  3. Umm… I don’t think your twists and turns drove down participation. It’s fun to do different things. There are lots of different reasons we aren’t always able to participate in FFF…. My humble opinion. 😉

  4. I will have mine posted at 4:00 AM West Coast Time.