A Meditation on Water and Sex

For a meditation on water, and then water and sex, here is an entrancing soundtrack by the Robert Horner Percussion Ensemble (steel drum band), entitled Songlines, for a Caribbean ambiance:

and here is a visual,


gif of wave lapping up on the beach


Some serene weightlessness,

beautiful colorful floating jellyfish


gif of beautiful jellyfish moving through the water


gif of jellyfish pulsing through a turn in the ocean water

And a jellyfish fantasy,

fantasy par-human floating in an army of jellyfish

Now some human floating,

nude woman floating peacefully underwater

and next some floating and sex,

man fucking woman on her knees underwater

gif of woman floating underwater on her back being fucked by a man

 gif of woman with long hair floating underwater MMF 3some stoking one cock and being fucked by a second man

Credit for the two floating sex gifs: Gifperv.

A couple more of our dolphin buddies,

pod of dolphins swimming past camera


dolphin facing camera and blowing bubbles


But wait, here is a last one with some of the swimmers meditating on water and at least food, maybe sex too, who knows?

gif of crocodiles swimming slowly underwater by a naked swimming woman


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3 thoughts on “A Meditation on Water and Sex

  1. Peaceful. Sexy. Quirky.

    I enjoyed this post.


    As for the kettle drum music, I really liked that. It reminded me of a dear friend. He’s an excellent kettle drum musician, he’s won several competitions. I had to call him recently and give him some bad news. I heard him cry, it broke my heart.

    • That is the best steel drum track I’ve ever found, although not the usual upbeat kind of thing, and I’ve never found another one by the same band.

  2. That wasn’t what I expected when I went to check and see if we had a FFF promp. However, it was delightful. And is it me, or do some jellyfish look like cocks?