Sunday Funnies – March 25

Grab your java, tea, or Bloody Mary – it’s time for another installment of Sunday Funnies.


humorous image of clash between old and new language usage

The collision of modern usage and traditional usage…


Been concerned about the economy?


illustration of nude bathing beauty on a beach towel smoking a joint


I missed putting this one up for Thanksgiving, so here is a cozy little pilgrim/colonial stock or pillory bedroom piece,


a craftsman style wooden bed with the footboard fashioned in the style of punishment stock or pillory

…new meaning to being sent to bed for being naughty…


man's arm tattooed all over with the Louis Vuitton logo

…even more gauche than carrying the LV bag…if that’s possible…


woman sucking the cock of man in Spiderman costume

Spidey needs stress relief too


poster of american indian with text about hypocriscy of some political positions on immigration


Here is TV commercial we’ll never see in the U.S. of A.,



image of huge cock ripping through too tight jeans

I hate it when she buys my jeans so tight


woman smiling after a cumshot to her mouth with cum dripping off her chin

cum again soon!

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3 thoughts on “Sunday Funnies – March 25

  1. The commercial vid is gone. I missed it. 🙁

    I like the tight jeans graphic.

  2. If we had more like that, I’d promise to watch more TV.