Anal Fun With Kayden Kross

Looking at how the Kayden Kross post with the video clip of her deepthroat throat shooting technique rocketed to the popular post list, how about some Kayden anal carnality?

Here’s a clip with some oral for both Kayden and porn dude, some rimming of Kayden by porn dude, and then finishing up with some nice assfucking of Kayden by the pool (5:49). That clip had a remarkably unerotic, low-rent audio track, so I ripped it out and added a musical accompaniment instead: Lana Del Rey performing “You Can Be The Boss”,


porn star Kayden Kross laying poolside and being ass fucked

If you would like something longer…….and this one with some PPPP ( preciously pretentious porn philosophizing) at the beginning… is a clip with Tommy Gunn and Kayden Kross going at it.

As always, be ready to kill tube site popovers or unders. If you are one to have your dessert before your vegetables, the ass fucking begins around 13:55, (18:55),


porn star Kayden Kross pulling her ass cheeks apart to present her anus for anal sex

porn star Bree Olsen dribbling spit onto the anus asshole of porn star Kayden Kross

Bree Olsen prepares Kayden’s rosebud for playtime

But I gotta say, Kayden doesn’t seem to have much joie de anale, especially by comparison to, say, fellow pros Belladonna having enthusiastic anal sex with Rocco, as we saw in this post, or Puma Swede who loves anal as we saw in this post, or even sorta amateur Heather Brooke Harmon, who, as we saw in this post, is most appreciated for her deepthroat skills. Check out Heather lovin’ some ass fucking in this clip,


Here’s another one of Heather assfucking with some hot ass-to-mouth and cumshot,

I have a collections of anal sex gifs and images over on this Galleries tab – check that out too.

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  1. I like your choice of music pairing to the clip.