Be The Moon Waxed or Waned

black man cradling in his arms and carrying a blonde woman

The Offering by Valery Bareta


His obsidian skin glitters, be the moon waxed or waned
Her burnished hair floats, be the breeze soft or strong

His arms, a cradle of steel, to shelter her or bind her
Her mouth, a vessel of heat, to inflame him or tame him

His lust

Her lust

Their love?
As light as a feather, be the moon waxed or waned, be the breeze soft or strong.


This is for a Flash Fiction Friday challenge for Friday, 2-10-12, to use the picture above to write a flash fiction piece of 64-123 words, and to use this phrase: “…light as a feather…”


Written by ©2012, all rights reserved.

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9 thoughts on “Be The Moon Waxed or Waned

  1. I regret I am so very late to the party. This is a beautifully evocative piece.

    • It’s never too late for a nice compliment – thanks for stopping by, and glad the piece spoke to you.

  2. A very nice play with form and function. I enjoyed the way you did the contrasts.

  3. Beautiful. I especially enjoyed the echo of the beginning in the last line.

  4. Vivid, exciting, and sensual.

  5. beautifully written.