Memoirs of a Wrestler – #1

nude brunette in high heels standing and bracing her palms against a wall mirror

image credit: Helmut Newton


I settled onto the bar stool next to Nate.

He glanced at me over his bourbon glass: “Hey.”

“Hey back,” I said. “What’s cookin’?”

“Just got a booty call from Ms. Stewart,” he responded, angling his mobile phone’s cracked and failing screen toward me.

The image showed her standing naked in high heels, bracing her palms and pressing her pussy against a wall mirror.

Grinning slightly he said: “You should come too. You know she likes wrestlers.”

I looked away, recalling her long slim fingers with the polished cabernet red nails.

How they looked with her bent over the towel rack.

With her wrists cuffed to the radiator in the men’s locker room.

With her hair wrapped in my fists.

“I remember.”



This is a Flash Fiction Friday challenge piece. The challenge was to use the Helmut Newton image at the top, write a flash fiction piece of 85-188 words, and to use this phrase in the piece:
“…cracked and failing…”

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Authored by ©2012, all rights reserved.

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7 thoughts on “Memoirs of a Wrestler – #1

  1. Wow! A very well painted picture. You could almost smell the sweat of the locker room.

  2. Typical sports guys- lol. Happy FFF!

    • @Katia, Hmmmm. Well there’s doers and there’s watchers. But yes, good to have FFF going again for ’12.

  3. my first visit here, but what a delight!

    loved your vision of FFF and the super-creative way of using the required words.

    my goodness! *fanning face*…is it hot in here or is it you?