Gallery of Gifs – Rough Sex

Following on the popularity of the Puma Swede rough sex post, here is a collection of little animated gifs of rough sex with hair-pulling, throttling or choking, or general man-handling.

I love gifs – I think because they are virtually unique to the internet (who would buy or make a DVD or VHS with just a gif to watch?), and they are quintessentially visual, not static; they are like intense tasty little morsels that suggest so much more to the imagination. I like erotic flash fiction for a similar reason.


animated gif of beach rough sex with man fucking woman from behind and pulling her hair ponytail animated gif of woman in latex headgear being fucked hard rear entry with choking and hair pulling
animated gif of short haired brunette on her knees being fucked hard from behind with hair pulling animated gif of black man fucking blonde from behind standing up and pulling her hair in long ponytail


here’s a few more,

animated gif of rough sex with man throttling choking woman and holding her down while fucking her rear entry animated gif of man fucking woman hard in missionary position while choking throttling her neck
throttling rough sex animated gif with choking clothed brunette's neck animated gif of woman talking dirty nasty to a man while he rough fucks her ass


well ok, just a few more,

animated gif of clothed man in pants using his belt to pull woman's head toward his cock for sucking animated gif of threesome with blonde forcing man's cock into brunette's mouth for sucking
animated gif of blonde gasping as she is roughly fucking from behind rough anal sex with the woman being held down and fucked in the ass


Check out the Galleries page for multiple collections including a gallery with more, and continually updated, rough sex gifs. I also have a gallery there of great cumshot gifs – check that out.

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