Guys, If You Think Pole Dancing is Easy…

…if you think it’s just twirling around the pole and shaking some ass…have you ever tried it?

Well here’s a man, Luizo Vega, pole dancing in a short clip from Erika Lust‘s super hot new film Cabaret Desire,



We’ve seen Vega before…check the bottom of the post for more on him…

and here is one of the best female pole dancers in the world, Jenyne Butterfly, at the Miss Pole Dance SA 2010,



Next is the Australian woman, Felix Cane, that some say is the best pole dancer in the world, who won the Miss Pole Dance World 2009/2010, and who was snatched up by Cirque du Soleil to dance in its more adult production Zumanity at the New York New York casino in Las Vegas. She also teaches as a Specialty Instructor at the Las Vegas Pole Fitness Studio where Goddess Wife has taken some classes.

pole dancer Felix Cane sitting on a tv for her routine in Zumanity

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Here is a four minute clip of part of her routine from Zumanity,




Goddess Wife and I saw this show, and it is not to be missed. <<Time out for shameless plug>> Come to Vegas! See Zumanity! Spend money, have fun and help our economy!<<End Shameless Plug>>


Cane also says she…

will be doing a SOLO pole performance in the latest Cirque Du Soleil tour de force, Michael Jackson: The Immortal World Tour. It is no secret Cirque performers are awe inspiring and to be a part of this show is simply wonderful….


Back to Vega now – he claims to be the secret son of Madonna, and here he is in a trailer for the music video Justify, which was never released so far as I can find,




and here Vega dances a sort of pas de deux with Victoria Vieyra using the pole,



Simple easy!


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