Sunday Funnies November 13

Continuing with the series of Sunday Morning Funnies posts from the erstwhile What Is A Man? blog, here are some items to tickle your fancy with your Sunday morning cuppa joe:

The Bondage Cake,

cake decorated with a bondage theme

there really is a cake for every occasion


continuing with the food related theme,

humorous closed sign re chef can't keep dick in pants

but he always washes his hands per the health code


Next, you’ve heard the expression, “pig in a blanket”??? Here’s pig is a pillow…


boy sleeping with his head on a sleeping pig

they've probably been friends since childhood


Wife’s diary / Husband’s diary,

funny comparision of what a girlfriend is thinking and what a boyfriend is thinking

And if you thought putting the crying baby on a laundry machine was the way to silence the wailing, you’re just not with the new generation,



and last…

nude woman briding two cares from one window into another window

professional drivers on a closed course - do not attempt this at home

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