Sunday Funnies November 13

Continuing with the series of Sunday Morning Funnies posts from the erstwhile What Is A Man? blog, here are some items to tickle your fancy with your Sunday morning cuppa joe:

The Bondage Cake,

cake decorated with a bondage theme

there really is a cake for every occasion

continuing with the food related theme,

humorous closed sign re chef can't keep dick in pants

but he always washes his hands per the health code

Next, you’ve heard the expression, “pig in a blanket”??? Here’s pig is a pillow…

boy sleeping with his head on a sleeping pig

they’ve probably been friends since childhood

Wife’s diary / Husband’s diary,

funny comparision of what a girlfriend is thinking and what a boyfriend is thinking

And if you thought putting the crying baby on a laundry machine was the way to silence the wailing, you’re just not with the new generation,

and last…

nude woman bridging two cars from one window into another window

professional drivers on a closed course – do not attempt this at home

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Paradise by the Dashboard Lights

A wisp of the Meat Loaf1 mega-hit Paradise by the Dashboard Light recently drifted past me from an open car window.

That song is a paean to young lust and the car as the favorite site of fevered carnality. I also ran across the image at the top of the post, which brought back to me, despite its apparent innocence, the ahhhhhhhh intertwined strands of teen sex, the automobile as the nighttime getaway for sexual exploration (with fogged windows of course), and the starry, starry nights. And my own personal paradise by the dashboard lights.

I am reminded of driving Goddess Wife, before she became Wife, and was Goddess-Being-Pursued, up onto Mulholland Drive in L.A. the weekend we married.


a couple in the front seat of a car undressing with lingerie

We had a steamy, wild, messy sex party in the car with the lights of L.A. spread like a dream carpet below us.


ass up face down fucking in a car

And that was just the canapé. The feast continues to today.

I close with a video paean to L.A., cars, and lights.


1 Meat Loaf’s varied career chronicled HERE and HERE. His only other real mega-hit was the Grammy winning I Would Do Anything For Love (But I Won’t Do That). You all in the U.K. apparently love him – his album Bat Out of Hell is biggest selling album of all time in the U.K.

And here is Paradise by the Dashboard Light ( 8 minute version, the short one(!)) – female vocal by Ellen Foley, who collaborated several times with Meat Loaf

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Go Big or Go Home – Gaga Style

If you thought Lady Gaga was big before, wait ’til you see this: Gaga on the front and back covers of Visionaire magazine #61,

lady gaga on the cover of visionaire magazine #61 november 2011

image credit: Visionaire magazine

(via FashionIndie)

That’s now the officially Guiness certified world’s biggest magazine ever, featuring, of course, the world’s biggest pop star ever. Lady Gaga appears as a greased-up oil slick  mermaid for the 61st issue of Visionaire (auto play video and audio warning for the link). The deluxe edition measures 5×7 feet and retails for $1,500 — while the standard measly edition measures 3×5 feet and will set you back only $375.

So if you must have the biggest, head to the newsstand, and bring that dually pickup and a couple of friends to haul away your biggness. Karl Lagerfeld, whose work is also featured in the Mammoth Mag gives us a great tagline:

“Life should be Larger than Life. Size is important to escape normalization.”

Here is the back cover,

lady gaga on the back cover of visionaire magazine #61 novmber 2011

Image credit: Visionaire Magazine

Photography for both covers by Inez Van Lamsweerde and Vinoodh Matadin.

And here is  a short video from Visionaire that has a little bit of the “making of” for printing the massive magazine, and some hip urban consumers swooning over their find and trying to get it on a bus:

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Filles de Nuit – Noir, Elegant, Erotic

Here is a very tasty new video clip from Steven Lyon Studios, produced for Treats! Magazine, in case you might be a bit weary of clinical brightly lit porn, (4:48) Filles de Nuit,


There’s also a gorgeous photo set HERE at the Treats! Magazine website of Lyon’s work, with the tagline: “What happens after midnight on a girls night in? Seulement Paris sait!”

Lyon has a website with beautiful erotic photo sets of women, men, fashion, and many other categories. Here is an example of his still photography work, from a set titled The Executive I,

erotic photo executive woman with submissive nude on her desk

image credit:  Steven Lyon Studios

That same noirish, elegantly sexy vibe pervades this short clip, Gorgóne, or No Love Lost, the hot new commercial for Agent Provocateur’s new fragrance “L’Agent”, with the clip produced by the hilariously named Douchebag Corp.,


That styling, and retro mysterious noirish vibe also reminds me of a few other images in my stash,

elegant dinner party with nude women

nude women desporting themselves in a noir setting

nude women kissing

nude girl posing on an ottoman while other nude girls lounge in the background

image credit: Mikael Jansson

That style can be a welcome alternative to even beautifully executed, but more “clinical”, carnal images and video clips. Shadows, implications, gestures, glances….erotic.

LinkedIn: Privacy is a Country for Old Farts

[sfwp id=200 img=itemtype.png] Meet [sfwp id=404 img=itemprop.png]Reid Hoffman[sfwp id=2 img=closespan.png], the billionaire founder of LinkedIn.[sfwp id=1 img=closediv.png]In this video, he shares with an audience at Davos at the World Economic Forum, his opinion about your privacy concerns:

This was months ago, but nobody’s talking about it that I can see, so I will.The audio on that clip may be a little hard to hear, but here’s the key comment from the founder of the largest social network for professional people in the world:

 “all these concerns about privacy tend to be old people issues.”

“Old people” issues? Dewd!  And that’s how the founder of LinkedIn feels about your privacy? What’s he – related to Mark Zuckerburg or something?

gif of peeping tom watching someone through a peephole

I'm just watching young people - they don't care

For a social network supposedly for professional people, and with privacy issues especially important in the job search – to say nothing of when the economy is bad, and your company might be looking to cut employees, and you’re trying to make your mortgage… privacy issues aren’t old people issues, they’re normal people issues.

Maybe it’s par for the course that a billionaire founder, speaking at Davos — the world’s most elite  “old boys’ network” event (aren’t most of them old people??), held each year in the Swiss Alps — ridicules our concerns in such a condescending way.

It may be the most arrogant comment from a business executive since Leona Helmsley said “Only the little people pay taxes.”

If you signed up for LinkedIn, they never asked for your permission to sell your information to recruiters and HR departments, did they? They never told you that your actions, and your behaviors, and your privacy were going to be sold off to recruitment firms and HR departments. Even today, their User Agreement makes no mention of executive recruiters or human resources. (I mean, c’mon, if it was all on the up-and-up, they’d mention it to you when you sign up, or at least in the User Agreement or Privacy Policy, wouldn’t they?)

Should you be concerned about the fact that LinkedIn has the legal right to sell your job-hunting information to advertisers, show it in their advertisements, and leak it to your current colleagues or boss, if they want to?

No, you shouldn’t worry about that, at all, says Reid Hoffman, because “all these concerns about privacy tend to be old people issues.”

LinkedIn also this summer drew even more heat over a new form of advertising called  social ads. The ads basically turned LinkedIn users into cheerleaders for businesses. They used individuals’ names and photos to promote products or services that the individuals had recommended or companies they followed.

Here is a good post on how to take command and control of your privacy settings on your LinkedIn profile.

And here is a good post that talks about how LinkedIn has over 120 million users in more than 200 countries (including at least a million lawyers) and Web traffic that ranks it as the 13th most visited site on the planet, with a list of basic do’s and don’ts of creating and building a presence if you want to use LinkedIn.

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